Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) recently published an excellent white paper addressing the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Leadership Coaching.

This paper is so comprehensive that I have replaced my previous FAQ information on this page with a link to the white paper. Please download it here to learn more:

After reading the ICF white paper, you may be asking yourself: 


This question requires reflection. I encourage you to read Brenda Steinberg's Harvard Business Review article titled, Are You Ready to be Coached?  Ms. Steinberg finds seven core characteristics that differentiate people who benefit from coaching versus those who don't:

1. Tolerance for discomfort
2. Openness to experimentation
3. Ability to look beyond the rational
4. Willingness to take responsibility
5. Capacity for forgiveness
6. Self-discipline
7. Ability to ask for support


It's easy: Just go to the calendar on any of the J. Allen Leadership landing pages and schedule an appointment to arrange a time to discuss your goals for coaching, as well as arrange for a sample coaching session. Alternatively, feel free to fill out your information on the Contact tab and Mark will follow up with you to discuss more. 

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