Leadership Training & Development

The difference between a good organization and a great organization often comes down to leadership. Leaders need more than just the knowledge of the business; they need the skills, abilities and behaviors to lead and motivate others. We work with both individuals and intact teams to develop the leadership skills and team dynamics required to take our clients to the next level. 

I'm happy to discuss customizing training & development approaches to meet your organization's specific needs. As a start point, 
I rely on two research-backed and psychometrically valid approaches to building High Performing Teams:

Birkman High Performing Teams

Birkman High Performing Teams Workshops
: Conducted in-person or virtually, the Birkman High Performing Teams (HPT) workshop is a proven approach to drive awareness, action, and enhance how your teams work together by focusing on the three pillars of Purpose, Clarity and Psychological Safety. 
Click here to Download a Birkman HPT Flyer:  high-performing-teams-flyer.pdf

Team Diagnostic Survey Team Diagnostic Survey: Backed by decades of Harvard research, this tool identifies six conditions that together predict up to 80% of a team’s effectiveness. The instrument and its underlying framework enables the effective design, launch and coaching of great teams.                                                                                                             Click Here to Download a TDS Flyerteam-diagnostic-survey.pdf

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